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Confidential Solutions To R&D Challenges


How It Works

IdeaConnection builds solution teams from a secure network of brilliant experts, each managed by a world class facilitator. By combining expertise and diverse perspectives, we provide you with solutions and insights not normally achievable by individuals working alone. We only accept client challenges we believe can be solved – we focus on productive success.

Why It Works So Well

IdeaConnection is delivering confidential results to well defined client challenges, using highly motivated talent, driven by financial reward. Our teams typically solve in 12 weeks, based on specific criteria for an acceptable solution, defined by the client, including the award amount.

Pay Only for Success

Read our Challenge Detail Agreement here, including the specific criteria for an acceptable solution – the client details the challenge, acceptable solution criteria and award amount, accepting only the proposal that meets their needs. If you accept nothing, you pay nothing.

Secure Confidentiality

Client identity, challenge details, and accepted solutions, all remain completely confidential. The Problem Solver teams never know the identity of our clients and nothing is ever posted on our website about your organization, or your challenge.

Fixed Cost Innovation

The award amount is determined by the client and is the only cost for a successful solution. There are no additional set up, IP transfer, or any other fees involved. If none of the presented solutions are considered acceptable, there is no cost to the client.

Timing – What You Can Expect

As soon as documents are signed and the challenge detail is accepted, we will deliver between two and eight in-depth solution proposals within 12 weeks. Clients have 30 days to review proposals and determine success and acceptance of intellectual property.

IP Transfer

When you accept and pay for a solution, the intellectual property is transferred from the Problem Solvers to you. Every Solver has already contractually agreed to transfer before they began working on your challenge.

Do You Have a Challenge?

  • Do you have a critical path problem that needs a solution?
  • Are there some back-burner projects that should be brought to fruition?
  • Is there a technology you want to acquire, but the IP belongs to a competitor?
  • Do you have a new project to launch and don't want to risk assets against failure?
  • Is there some R&D that you want done now, but don't have the resources?
  • Do you want some work done in parallel to what your team is currently working on?
  • Do you want to source a technology or a material for a new project?
  • Are you trying to find a company to partner or collaborate with?
Talk with someone about the pros and cons of confidential, success-based, team-based, open innovation, as it applies to your industry:

1-877-525-6671 North America
+1-604-608-3435 International

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